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Subject education
The CPC Committee of Hunan Huasheng Group Co., Ltd has always insisted on transforming the political advantages of Party building into a powerful driving force for the transformation and development of enterprises, taking service and promotion of enterprise development as the main theme of Party building work.
1, thematic education:
Taking the theme education activities as the starting point to push forward the party building work in state-owned enterprises
(1) carrying out the party's mass line education practice
From 2013 to 2014, in the mass line education activities of the Party, the Party Committee of Huasheng Group tightly adhered to the theme of "serving the people, being pragmatic and honest", focusing on the outstanding problems of the "Four Styles", closely linked to the actual work, carried out a solid study and education, listened to opinions, examined and put forward problems, criticized, rectified and implemented, and established a system of regulations. Three links.
Through this profound ideological and political baptism, harvested a valuable wealth of Ideological and theoretical, for the group company in the future development of a period of cohesion of strong spiritual power.
(2) special education of "three strict and three solid"
Since the special education of "Three Strictness and Three Actualities" was carried out in 2015, the Party organizations at all levels of Huasheng Group have persisted in promoting knowledge and practice by learning, organized and conducted many special study and Discussion on "Three Strictness" for many times, continued to grasp the follow-up implementation of the special rectification of "Four Winds" and "imprecise and unreliable" issues, and carried out special democratic life meetings. And organizational life, with problem learning, focusing on problem checking, and contrast questions.
In Huasheng, the essence of "three strictness and three substances" is internalized in the heart and externalized in the line, providing a continuous strong impetus for enterprises to accelerate development.
(3) "two learning and one learning" Education
Since 2016, the Party Committee of the Group has been carrying out the "two-study-one-do" study and education. It has carried out daily, strict and regular study and Discussion on "four-talk-four-have" and carried out the "three sessions and one-lesson" system of the branch well. It has also made great efforts to rectify, mend shortcomings, strengthen learning and promote development. Effective and steady growth, knowledge competition of "two learning and one doing" and other thematic practical activities will promote Party organizations and Party members and cadres at all levels to refresh their spirit and show new deeds, maintain their high-spirited energy and tenacity, enhance their willpower to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties, give full play to the role of fighting fortress and vanguard role, and the spiritual style of Party members and cadres. With a new look, business leaders have become a common practice and have effectively promoted production, operation and reform.
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