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Taking the theme education activities as the starting point, vigorously promoting the party building work of state-owned enterprises
(1) Carry out the party's mass line education practice
From 2013 to 2014, in the party's mass line education practice activities, the party committee of Huasheng Group closely adhered to the theme of "for the people, pragmatic, and clean", focused on the "four winds" outstanding issues, closely linked to the actual work, and carried out in a down-to-earth manner. Studying education, listening to opinions, investigating problems, conducting criticisms, rectifying and implementing, and establishing chapters and other work.
Through this profound ideological and political baptism, we have gained a valuable wealth of thought and theory, which has reinforced a strong spiritual drive for the development of the group company in the future.
(2) "Three strict and three real" special education
In 2015, since the launch of the "Three Stricts and Three Realities" special education, the party organizations at all levels of Huasheng Group have insisted on promoting knowledge through knowledge, promoting knowledge with knowledge, and organizing several "three strict" topics for study and discussion, and continuing to grasp the "four winds". The follow-up implementation of the special rectification and the side-by-side review of the issue of “slightness and inaccuracy” will be carried out to conduct special democratic life meetings and organize life meetings, with problem studies, focusing on problems, and comparing problems.
In Huasheng, the essence of “three strictness and three realities” is internalized in the heart and externalized, providing a continuous and powerful driving force for the accelerated development of enterprises.
(3) "Two studies and one doing" study education
Since the implementation of the "two studies and one doing" study and education in 2016, the party committee of the group has insisted on daily and strict daily activities, carried out the "four stresses and four hass" study and discussion, and grasped the implementation of the "three sessions and one lesson" system of the branch; Strong learning and development; at the same time, actively carry out thematic activities such as “job contribution, qualified action, synergy, efficiency increase and steady growth”, “two studies and one” knowledge contest, and promote party organizations and party members at all levels. Vigorously, showing new ways, maintaining high-spirited enthusiasm and tenacity, enhancing the will quality of attacking hardships, giving full play to the role of fighting fortress and vanguard model, the spirit of party members and cadres is completely new, and the entrepreneurial business has become a common practice, effectively promoting production. Management and reform and development.

“不忘初心 牢记使命——十九大精神进华升支部”系列报道之一
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