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Company culture
(1) Core concept
Harmony and win-win innovation quality
Harmony: Harmony and harmony, integrity and friendliness, achieving the harmony between enterprise development and employee development, and the harmonious development of enterprise development and economic and social development.
Win-win: to create a win-win situation among employees within the company, between employees and management, between departments and sub-branch; to pursue a win-win situation between enterprises and customers, and society, environment and nature.
Quality: To meet the physiological and psychological needs of people with high-quality products and services, to win the trust of customers with quality, to win the trust of the market, to implement the "quality brand" strategy to comprehensively improve product quality.
Innovation: Focus on sustainable development and market demand, carry out technological innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, and continuously enhance core competitiveness.
(2) Management thinking
People-oriented system as the key link, communication and interaction, continuous improvement, efficiency first
People-oriented: people do their best, make the best use of their care, care for their employees, adhere to openness, fairness, and fairness, and maximize the enthusiasm of employees.
The system is the key: perfect the system, so that everyone has rules of conduct, and there are regulations for dealing with everything.
Communication and interaction: Full communication before the event, full supervision in the matter, full summarization after the event, improve management and eliminate blind spots in management.
Continuous improvement: re-analyze and summarize, improve and improve, and continuously improve management.
Benefit Priority: The purpose of management is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The starting point and destination of all management measures are to improve economic efficiency.
(3) Staff guidelines
First-class staff: love and dedication
Two kinds of conduct: honest, hardworking
Three-dimensional principle: Liguo, Limin, and profitable enterprises
Four Practices: Morality, Image, Knowledge, Ability
Five groups of pursuits: family harmony, career development, enterprise prosperity, environmental friendliness, Guotai Min'an
(4) Corporate identity
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