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Pharmaceutical machinery
Hunan Huiyi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Huasheng Group, owns a number of domestically leading new products with independent intellectual property rights. The technical research and development capability of Huiyi Pharmaceutical in the large infusion series products is at an absolute leading level in China and is at an advanced level in the world.
At present, the company has established business relations with more than 300 large infusion production enterprises nationwide. The products are exported to major pharmaceutical factories across the country and more than 20 regions and countries around the world, and become the first Chinese soft bag infusion line to go out and export. Manufacturers have become the first choice for large infusion manufacturers. “Huiyi Pharmaceutical Machine” has become the first brand of large infusion equipment supplier.
At present, the company has stepped into one step and gradually approached the goal of “being the world's most outstanding manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment”.
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