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Stock code:600156

(1) Predecessor of the company
1956 The predecessor of Hunan Huasheng Zhuzhou Cedar Co., Ltd. - Zhuzhou Ramie Textile Printing and Dyeing Factory was established. It is the first modern ramie textile enterprise in China.
In 1982, the predecessor of Hunan Huasheng Dongting Ma Industry Co., Ltd. - Hunan Dongting Ramie Textile Printing and Dyeing Factory was established.
(2) Hunan Huasheng was established. In 1988, Hunan Huasheng Group Co., Ltd. was established.
(3) A-share listing
In 1998, Hunan Huasheng Co., Ltd., a company controlled by the company, was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code “600156”.
(4) Entering international trade
In 2000, Hunan Huasheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was established.
(5) Transformation and upgrading
In 2010, Hunan Huasheng Clothing Co., Ltd. was established, and the “Huasheng•Nature Family” brand was founded.
In 2011, the Group acquired Hunan Huiyi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
In 2012, Huasheng Group invested in Hunan Huasheng Jinshuang Clothing Co., Ltd.
In 2017, Huasheng Group Holdings established Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to acquire Changsha Changtai Robot Co., Ltd.
(6) Overall restructuring
In 2017, “Hunan Huasheng Group Company” was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a state-owned sole proprietorship company and changed its name to “Hunan Huasheng Group Co., Ltd.”
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